Hey beautiful!

We've all been there - talking to our first potential VIP customer may be a little scary especially if you've never done it before!  Here's an example script of how VIP acquisition usually happens! 

This normally takes place via Instagram DMs for me personally.

Deep breath!  It's nothing. You're just having a conversation! 

- xo, Rozen



"I can definitely help you out! First things first! Why don’t you tell me a few things about your hair/skin so I know what to recommend for you!"



- Send hair or skin quiz, in conversation format 

- Don’t just send the quiz all at once. Build a conversation around it to get these answers.



Is your hair thick or thin? 

Do you heat style? 

Does your scalp feel normal, dry, or oily? 

How often do you wash?

Is your hair dry or damaged? 


Is your hair curly or straight? If it’s curly, do you wear it that way?



1. What is your age range?

2. How would you describe your skin type?

3. What is your main skin concern?

4. What is your main skin goal?

5. Do you wear makeup?

6. Describe your dream skin?


Once they answer, tell them what it will do for them!

For example, you can say: 

"Perfect, thanks! Based on what you’re describing, I would recommend renew shampoo! It’s perfect for thick hair and will give dry hair some hydration and shine! The smoothing conditioner is best for thick, dry hair and will also make your hair so silky and smooth and help target the frizz you’re describing. Last I’d follow up with the thermal shield, which will give your hair protection from heat and also restore moisture to your hair. Do you want me to go over pricing and the vip perks with you?"


Answer: "Sure!"


Continue with...

"Ok, VIP is definitely the way to go! You get hooked up!

as a vip you always get:

-a 15% discount...and with our purchase plus program you can save up to a 40%, depending on how much you purchase 

-a free product when you place an order over $84. This month it’s a choice of______).

-access to all the flash sales

- $25 coupon for your birthday

-free shipping 

-30 day money back guarantee on all purchases 

-Shipments aren’t monthly at all - you just order when you want with all the vip perks!

-VIPs pay one time fee of $19.99 to give you access to all the perks above. Once you’ve placed two additional orders, you are considered a VIP for life!"



"How much will it cost?"


Then send this: 

"So the renew shampoo, smoothing conditioner and thermal shield will come to $107.54 plus tax. You’ll also get free shipping and a free _____ with your order! Most people find their shampoo and conditioner will last about 3-4 months, so that would have you covered for quite a while. If you want to go for it, I can take care of it for you, or email you a cart so you can check out on your own! Which works best for you?"



"Send me a cart!"



"Absolutely! I just need your dob, email and phone number to create your cart."


*VIP sends info*


Follow up with:

"Ok your email is sent! Let me know if you have any problems checking out and I’ll walk you through it!




You have 2 purchasing options. Retail and VIP.


Retail is a one time purchase. You pay full price and pay for shipping.


VIP is a preferred shoppers program. It’s a one time sign up fee of $19.99. It gets you 15% + an additional 15-25% discount (depending on total in cart)


You get free shipping and a free Only For You product on every scheduled order. 


You are committed to 3 orders that each total $84+. Your first order counts toward the 3.  You can choose whatever products you want to hit the threshold and your scheduled orders can be pushed out as often as you like. We have products for internal support that I encourage you to try! Plus, there will be other things you’ll want to use along the way like the Rejuveniqe Oil, and other styling products. These products are progressive, the more time you spend with them, the better. You might as well get a discount and free shipping! 


If you have any questions, let me know! Can I create a custom cart for you?